Government buildings have unique challenges when it comes to maintaining high quality air. They are frequently older buildings with issues like poor ventilation, temperature control, and receive a high degree of remodeling. All of these can lead to low air quality and humid conditions that encourage dangerous mold growth.


Community Centers

Air quality in municipalities and the
motiveLighting solution

Many who work in local government buildings battle issues with poor air quality that could lead to health issues, per the CDC. Improve the ventilation and air quality within your local government buildings with the motiveLighting AirGuardian surface and air purification solution. It uses patented LED broad-spectrum technology embedded in high-capacity, low-maintenance fixtures to make indoor spaces safer for the public.

People spend

approximately 90% of their time indoor1

Scientific evidence

has indicated air within buildings can be
more polluted than outdoor air2

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to
disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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