LED Exit/Emergency Lights

Safety & Emergency Exit Signs / Emergency Light Combo / Emergency Light / Sign Batteries

Plus accessories such as emergency ballasts, guards, protective wire & poly shields, replacement sign batteries, drivers, step down transformers and power inverters

LED emergency exit lighting products are used in many commercial and industrial lighting applications, as well as some residential properties such as apartment buildings and assisted living facilities. Several different styles of emergency exit signs are available for various applications including damp/ wet location units as well as a variety of styles and colors available for your emergency lighting needs.

LED emergency exit lights are energy efficient, require less maintenance and are brighter compared to the other types of emergency lights. All of our LED emergency exit lights are durable, providing high quality construction, energy efficiency, and competitively priced to fit your lighting budget. Easy, universal mounting and installation, maintenance free batteries, and long LED lamp life ensures your safety and security needs now and for years to come – exit emergency lights made easy by Motive Lighting & Supply.

The emergency light is a battery backup unit that comes on automatically in case of fire or when there is a power outage. Emergency lighting products are standard in commercial lighting and industrial lighting applications and highly populated residential buildings such as apartment complexes and college dorms. There are several different wattage and styles of emergency light fixtures such as damp location units and wet location units that are available.