We believe having
pure healthy air to breathe is a right,
and our shared responsibility.

Driven to make a difference

Every person has the right to better air quality, regardless of the space, but especially within healthcare environments.
At motiveLighting, we are driven with a purpose to educate and bring awareness to the negative effects that poor indoor air
quality has on everyones’ health, safety, and overall well-being.

It is our mission to innovate, invent, and deliver economical solutions to create cleaner, healthier indoor environments
across the globe. Maintaining pure healthy air to breathe, free of harmful pathogens, is not only the right thing to do;
it’s our responsibility.

Guided by our manifesto

Just breathe. Take a breath. It fills you, sustains you, nourishes your mind and body. So simple, yet so vital to life.

The world has never needed a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air more than we do in this moment.

It’s our mission at motiveLighting to deliver just that—the cleanest, healthiest indoor air possible.

After all, the air we breathe may be the single most precious resource we have on this planet.

At  motiveLighting we see it as our calling to use our technology to protect it, purify it, and make it accessible.

To improve the health and lives of people everywhere.

Manufactured in the U.S.A

Texas. This vertically integrated laboratory-to-manufacturing process delivers scalability and ensures the highest level of quality control. R&D is always on the forefront to oversee production lines and monitor facility conditions while enhancing and protecting our company’s intellectual property. motiveLighting’s team of engineers and developers provide an unmatched ability to react quickly to changing demands in the market and deliver highly innovative technologies and solutions to our customers.

Why air quality matters

Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time
indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times
higher than typical outdoor concentrations.

– U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)