By their nature, entertainment venues are designed for large crowds of people, which makes social distancing problematic and creates an area that is ideal for disease spread. Attendees, however, are not the only ones at risk. Performers, athletes, and their crews are also susceptible to poor air quality when gathering in locker or dressing rooms. Whether patrons or entertainers, all event goers need equal access to high quality air.

Sports & Concert Venues

Museums & Theatres

Air quality in sports & concert venues and the motiveLighting solution

Event venues create unique challenges for maintaining good air quality. In one situation, they are crowded centers that are primed for disease spread, and after events, those centers receive a deep cleaning which introduces harmful chemicals that hinder air quality. Often overlooked, are areas of the facility that receive low but continuous use. Typically built underground, these areas have poor ventilation, resulting in the deterioration of enclosed air quality and a whole new set of containments. Only motiveLighting’s suite of solutions is designed for a comprehensive plan to eliminate all different types of pollutants.

motiveLighting solutions help create a whole-room system that protects every area of a venue. Increasing airflow throughout your entire venue improves the overall air quality and helps keep everyone safe.

160ft or 24m

is the excess distance that
airborne pathogens can travel1

Poor indoor air quality

can cause or contribute to infections,
lung cancer and chronic lung2

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to
disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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