LED Flat Panel/Center Basket Lights

LED Flat Panel Lights

The LED flat panel light is a money-saving upgrade from the old and expensive to operate fluorescents. With easy installation, low power consumption, and no danger of broken glass, these LED flat panels are a great way to upgrade your old, recessed office lighting to LED. Energy savings can be 50% of other lighting choices, saving money for years.

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Motive Lighting & Supply offers dimmable LED flat panels in 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 Flat Panels and round and square flat ceiling panels. Our LED flat panel lights provide high performance and superior quality with a long-rated life. Our Lighting professionals can help you select the correct fixture for your project and budget.

LED flat panels are designed to replace fluorescent troffers, providing uniform illumination with no hot spots or glare while saving energy. With easy installation and a slim profile, these lights fit perfectly in any ceiling space and provide a long life of dependable performance.

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