Senior Care

The elderly and chronically ill spend a larger portion of time indoors than the general public, so managing air quality is even more important in this vulnerable population. In addition, seniors also experience more severe health problems from viruses and air pollutants, and these may be exacerbated by co-morbid respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Thus, having an air quality solution, that not only kills bacteria and viruses, but other air pollutants, is critical to maintaining the high level of air quality our seniors deserve.

Long Term Care Facilities

Retirement Communities

Air quality in hospitals and the motiveLighting solution

With motiveLighting’s suite of purification solutions, senior care facilities can reach a new level of safety for their clients, and a new level of peace of mind for their loved ones. Air Guardian ensures that senior care facilities receive continuous purified air with a 99% removal of dangerous pathogens concealed in the air, while CleanWhite will make sure surfaces are disinfected in a matter of minutes. Managing and maintaining a low level of pathogens and a high level of air quality in nursing homes and long-term care facilities is crucial for seniors, as they are one of the most susceptible groups.

Why seniors deserve motiveLighting:


Indoor pollutants

can lead to higher hospitalization
rates for the elderly

Contaminants in the air

can cause the elderly to
develop lung issues, such as
breathlessness and COPD2

Science-backed and real-world proven

The Air Guardian air purification solutions have been expertly engineered to
disinfect air and surfaces like no other solution on the market.

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